Vital Statistics:

# of engines replaced: 1
# of transmissions replaced: 2 (second one on second rebuild)
milage: 187,000 (actually closer to 200,000)
# of speeding tickets accrued: 5
# of parking tickets accrued: >20
maximum number of people in moving BABOO at one time during New Year's: 17
# of times cross-country: 2
# of people who claim to have "gotten some nookie" in BABOO: (classified)
record low sustained highway MPG: 10.6 (2,500 mile average)
top speed (actual/theoretical, mph): 98 / 110 (tailwind, 10% declination)
0-60 mph: 13-16 sec.
0-100 mph: don't hold your breath
# of companies for which BABOO has been a corporate car: 1
record-low cold start: -30 F
date that J. Cook took ownership: 11/08/96
# of functional power windows: 1 (driver's side rear) + tailgate window
# of times driver has fallen asleep at wheel of BABOO: 1
heaviest car BABOO has pushed for >1/2 mile: 3800 lbs.
# of light bulbs replaced in BABOO: >10
# of times starter solenoid has been fixed with a hammer and contact cleaner spray: 1 and counting
# of task-force missions for which BABOO has been commissioned: (classified)

List of now-defunct creature comforts: