The BABOO was designed with reckless driving in mind, as the picture below may confirm:

This shot was taken at a gas station in Iowa, a beautiful morning in August 1993, about five minutes after the BABOO was involved in a 65-mph head-on collision with a road sign. Note minimumal damage to bumper, etc. Allegedly, driver had fallen asleep at wheel.

Some high-school BABOO antics:

Following a heavy snowfall one evening, I took the BABOO and about 12 friends out joyriding. We found ourselves in the Noroton Heights train station parking lot (old Post 53 side). This parking lot, of course, is never completely plowed; a sizable jetty of snow about as wide and as tall as a couple of Jersey barriers divided the lot. One thing led to another and I found myself piloting the BABOO through repeated 25-mph head-ons with the snow wall. It was great fun because the snowbank was just the right consistency and thickness to let our three tons of fun burst completely through it. All thirteen or so passengers were greatly amused until the BABOO's lights began to dim. Then the engine began laboring. I got everyone out of the car and limped her over to the heated garage at the new Post HQ. I backed her in quickly, as always.

A peek through the BABOO's grille told me that a lot of snow was in the engine compartment. I hooked up the hose to the hot water, popped the hood, and began melting the snow until I could see motor. So much snow was under the hood that once it had fallen free of the engine and the belts the mass of it nearly prevented me from getting the car out of the bay until it melted. When said snow was melted to the level of the BABOO's ground clearance, I started her up, loaded everyone up, and set out for smaller, leaner snowbanks.

Matt Bonner, BABOO Fan Club chairman and secretary-at-arms, has eloquently related his BABOO experiences (with a good dose of hyperbole) in this link: Bonner Folkore.